Management & HR Consulting you’re just starting out with your first few employees, or you’re an established practice or business that needs some help revitalizing your human resources, Parkhurst Consulting’s Business Development services can meet your needs.

As your business or practice grows, you may find your office policies are not effective enough to keep pace. Employees who have worked with you for a long time may be resistant to the necessary changes and exhibit unprofessional behavior in response. You may find that turnover is high, employees don’t seem motivated, your new hires just don’t integrate quickly enough, customers are complaining about service, your managers aren’t strong enough leaders, or you’re being inundated with constant employee problems. How do you deal with these issues?

On the flip side, maybe you feel that you should be rewarding high performers but aren’t sure how, you want to improve your benefits package and need a fresh idea, or your managers seem strong, but you want to provide leadership and management coaching to continue to develop your already great staff.

These are all areas we can help. We have a proven system that will coach you and your management team to appropriately resolve issues, improve hiring practices, increase employee satisfaction and retention, and create strong organizational leadership. Our consultants work with you to evaluate and education your human resources through personality testing, management mentorship, and on-going support for issues when they arise. Our fee-based pricing for consulting engagements means you aren’t billed for every email or phone call, and gives you the freedom to contact us as soon as a problem occurs, rather than waiting until the next scheduled meeting. We want to support you, your staff, and your organization as you grow.