Complimentary and Alternative Medical Professionals

Healing Hands

Save Your Energy for Your Clients

Parkhurst Consulting specializes in all types of medical profession, including non-traditional specialties. Complimentary, Integrative, and Alternative Medicine has been around for thousands of years, but has truly started gaining respect in Western culture during the last few decades. Practitioners of these specialties believe the body has the power to heal itself if properly cared for, and are very hands-on in their approach to their craft. Our firm understand this, and wants to make it easier for CAM Professionals to run their business by allowing them the time to focus on their patients and clients, rather than sitting behind a desk dealing with financial paperwork. We understand how these clinics and independent care providers work, and the needs they have for their business. Parkhurst Consulting works with several specialties, including but not limited to:



Massage Therapists/Clinics

Health and Wellness Centers


Anthroposophical Practitioners