Transition Advisory Services

Bringing on a partner? Buying into a business? Selling an established business? You’ll value from our collaborative approach to transition your most important asset. Having a specialty in business transitions for small business owners, doctors, and dentists, we understand the unique needs and considerations by both parties and what it takes to draw the ultimate goal of a long-term win-win situation. We become involved early on in the transition phase so that each owner is educated about the financial and relational implications in their advancement with each owner, their staff, and business referrals.

Seller-Side Financial Consulting

Parkhurst CPA PC Transaction Advisory ServicesWe work with the business to model and forecast the financial implications of a potential merger or disposition. As in a buyer-side transaction, there are often many differences in opinion of the various assumptions of the transaction. It is critical that the seller have the most accurate and comprehensive financial information available to make a strategic decision regarding a potential transaction.


Buyer-Side Financial Consulting

We work with and provide analysis and recommendations to the business team and third parties involved in the transaction. We will go in and conduct due diligence for the potential acquiring party. We will analyze the financial position from all angles to determine if the business is financially as represented and what actions need to be taken to make the transaction a sound long-term financial investment. We will also take into account additional cash flow from proper tax structuring and provide commentary on how the buyer can better negotiate a better offer that attempts to provide a win/win for both parties in the long run.


Business Transitions

Conf Room M&AThe transition process is not all about the financial outcome and is heavily driven by the relationship and understandings that the owners have with one another. We also focus on fair and equitable splitting of practice income amongst the business units of the office to ensure that each owner is compensated fairly in the practice relative to their efforts. We find that many compensation arrangements may not be appropriately aligned to the efforts of each owner in the practice .Each owner’s style and needs are different, so we provide consulting and contract services for setting up associateships and partnership arrangements. We sit down with each professional and model out the cash flow and income tax implications for the scenario that best meets each owner’s circumstances so that each professional can make alternate individual elections without impacting the other owner, thus further creating a win-win situation for the team.


Partnership/Shareholder Income Splitting

Partner Income Splitting
Many business owners that have additional partners or shareholders occasionally disagree on how the business allocates income and expenses to each other. Our firm has significant experience working with all business owners together to model and propose an alternative income splitting methodology that is flexible and is driven by the true mission and overall strategy of the business. We do this independently and together with all owners and facilitate the best incentive-based methodologies for the organization.