Tax Preparation and Consulting

Overwhelmed with all of the new tax rules and regulations? Has anyone sat down with you and thoroughly explained how certain tax strategies will impact your business? To ensure our clients minimize their tax liabilities, Parkhurst Consulting CPA PC engages in strategic planning with clients, specializing in tax preparation and consulting for small-business owners. We consult in sophisticated and compliant methods to manage your effective tax rates over the long-term. Parkhurst Consulting CPA PC also stays abreast of special deduction and credits that you may be eligible for to further manage your tax liability.

Tax Planning

Tax Time

Our firm gets involved in the tax planning phase early on. It is critical to understand that one must not let the tax tail wag the economic dog. Most CPAs fall prey to this and just look at the tax implications of the numbers. We want to focus on the business strategies our clients have implemented and forecast how we can minimize their long-term tax liability and maximize their return-on-investment over time based on those strategies.

Last minute tax planning is not planning, its procrastination. Using this strategy usually results in lost tax deductions that will have to wait until the following year to take advantage of, if the deduction is still available. Planning strategies should be communicated throughout the year to avoid last-minute efforts to reduce a client’s taxes. This allows companies to more accurately predict what things may look like at the end of the year by the end of the 2nd quarter. Partner with us and feel the confidence of looking forward and being a step ahead.

Income Tax Preparation

Parkhurst Consulting prepares tax returns for Individuals, Small Business Owners, Partnerships, LLCs, and Corporations.

The following is a non-exhaustive listing of common tax returns that we prepare:

  • Form 1065 (Partnership or Limited Liability Company)
  • Form 1120S (Small Business or “S” Corporation)
  • Form 1120 (Corporate “Taxable” Small Business)
  • Form 1040 (Includes Schedule C Business)
  • All state & local returns – i.e. Texas Franchise Tax reports
  • Payroll tax filings
  • Sales tax filings
  • Property tax renditions

In order to provide the highest quality service, we like to personally meet with our clients to review their tax information and determine the best financial solution based on their goals and needs. We will meet with you at a time and place that is convenient* – the first step toward demonstrating to you the quality of personalized service you will receive at Parkhurst Consulting. Don’t wait until the last minute to start preparing your tax return, call us today at 512.582.7500 for a FREE consultation and tax review.

*Currently in-person meetings are limited to clients in the Austin, Waco, and San Antonio areas. For locations outside of these areas, Brandon R. Parkhurst will personally consult with you over the phone at a time convenient to you.