Financial Planning

You likely have several financial fragments in your life. You have an accountant, a banker, insurance agent(s), attorney(s), and various investments through different firms including retirement funds and college savings accounts, just to name a few. We find that most of the time each of these pieces was developed independently and at different times in your life with little or no communication or coordination with each other, or the different advisers that you have worked with in these areas. It is not a surprise that the overall financial plan that we see in place prior to working with Parkhurst Consulting is generally fragmented, and my not be in the correct order.

To be effective, financial planning needs to be coordinated. Our experience shows us that having a long-term financial advisor to keep you organized leads to a much greater success rate for reaching financial independence. Each piece of the financial plan needs to be integrated into the other pieces. We will look at your entire financial picture and help you fit the pieces together properly. If there are pieces missing, we will help you establish necessary relationships with financial service providers who specialize in the type of investments you need.

We pride ourselves in serving our clients under a fee-only arrangement. This structure allows us to sit on the same side of the table as our clients, objectively considering your financial options. We receive no third-party commissions, sales loads, or back-end fees, which removes the conflict of interest that could influence an adviser’s recommendations.

Comprehensive fee-only financial planning services are provided by our sister firm, Parkhurst Capital Management LLC. Comprehensive services provided include:

  • Fee-Only Financial Planning
  • Investment ManagementFinancial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Distribution Planning
  • Retirement Plan Design
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Insurance Planning

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Entity Planning

Another important aspect of financial planning is entity planning. Have you outgrown the operating entity that you’re currently in? Maybe you’re a sole proprietor or partnership looking to incorporate. Thinking of filing as an LLC? Maybe you’re already incorporated, but haven’t recently evaluated your current entity structure to make sure you’re operating efficiently under the changing tax laws, the result of which demands you pay unnecessary taxes each year. Whatever your situation, we can provide tax planning services that best work for your growing business.