CFO Services

Parkhurst CPA PC - CFO Outsourcing

Are you experiencing rapid growth and your accounting department/accountant is not keeping pace? Consider the significant benefits of having a CPA firm outsource your CFO function. Not only will this service take a very stressful function out of your hands so you can focus on managing your growth, you can rest assured that the financial reporting will be accurate and timely provided to the business management for well-informed decision-making.

Having your financial information at our fingertips allows us to proactively manage your income tax liability and other overhead metrics. Our client meetings are extremely productive when we discuss the financials with the client when we provide this extremely high value-added service to our clients.

How It Works

Think of us as your in-house accounting department—paying bills, balancing checkbooks, preparing payroll and payroll filings, while supplying valuable financial and tax advice throughout the year. Creating the most efficient work-flow possible, we leverage today’s technology and perform all activity securely online in real-time. Experience convenience like never before at a price that’s affordable.

• Fax, scan or email us your unpaid bills for digital processing and we return them to you for approval and payment date.

• We’ll reconcile your bank accounts monthly and provide you with accurate financial reporting so you have a clear picture of your business’s money trail.

• Payroll processing is now headache free—supply us with your payroll data and we’ll take care of the rest. We can issue checks, pay cards, and perform direct deposits. Plus, we’ll keep you in compliance by filing all payroll related taxes.

• We are your tax advocates, dispensing proactive tax advice to keep your liability to a minimum while filing your quarterly and annual business taxes.