There's a big difference between "the guy that does my taxes" and "my CPA." The first phrase implies a lack of familiarity and loyalty. The second phrase has a key word - my. "My" implies commitment, trust, and devotion. It references a relationship that has been built between you - the client - and the CPA firm you've entrusted your finances to. This lets anyone you discuss your personal or business finances with know that you have a trusted advisor at hand, someone you can turn to for advice as your financial situation evolves. How would you describe the relationship you have with your current CPA or accountant? If there's something missing, where would you turn?

At Parkhurst Consulting, we believe it is important to form a solid, lasting relationship with our clients. Because of our high level of professionalism, transparent honesty, and cutting-edge strategies that are always customized to serve our clients' best interests, our clients do not hesitate to say, "My CPA..."

Why Parkhurst Consulting? 

The biggest difference between traditional CPA firms and Parkhurst Consulting is our planning-based methodology that we apply to every client's unique situation. We want to prepare our clients for changes that may affect them - such as the Affordable Care Act. Our clients do not have to search for tax saving strategies to review with us - we stay up-to-date on the latest financial strategies and confidently bring these strategies to our clients' attention when we feel there is something that may benefit them. Our firm prides itself on being a client advocate. All it takes is one consultation for you to see the difference.

Bridging the Gap 

When you think about accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, or financial planning, what is your reaction? Do you cringe, thinking about the dreaded task of reconciling your accounts, preparing and filing your taxes each year, and staring at pages of numbers? Maybe your reaction is a nervous one, wondering if you're putting enough away for retirement and trying to avoid a near-panic attack thinking about contributing to a college savings account for your kids when you're still paying off your own student loans.

Your reaction could be one of anticipation if you're a business owner who looks forward to tracking your revenues and loves implementing cutting edge strategies that can maximize your profitability while reducing your tax liability. Its can be exciting to see the results of a tax or financial planning strategy customized just for you or your business. That is the reaction we want to inspire our clients to have. The only way to get this reaction, however, is to remove the fear and anxiety they may feel when thinking about their finances, and instill a confidence in them that helps them bridge the gap between their accounting practices and true financial confidence

Parkhurst Consulting Firm BrochureEducate Yourself

We believe the best client is an educated client, and we do our best to inform current and potential clients about their financial situation, our firm, and how we can best serve our clients. Want to learn more about the philosophies Parkhurst Consulting values? Click here to read our firm brochure! We want to show you what sets us apart from other financial firms, and why you can expect such a high standard of service. Discover a new way to think about your financial future.

For even more information about our firm and the ways we serve you, click here to view our Informational Service Brochures.

Meet With Us

The best way to learn about what our firm can do to serve you is to meet with us. We are so confident that we can meet your individual or business needs that we are offering you a free initial consultation. Call 512.582.7500 today to find out more!